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Your existing hosting company will probably be using Apache and MySQL community versions but for a super fast Magento site you need more, thats why we use Nginx rather than Apache and Percona MySQL rather than MySQL community. What does than mean? Really fast Magento sites.

Also very often your existing hosting company will have lots of sites on one server each fighting for the bandwidth/memory and disk space, we do it better you get 2 servers all to yourself. This means services like Nginx and MySQL are not competing for the CPU and RAM on one machine which significantly reduces bottle necks.

We have set up a fully responsive demo site, have a look and see just how fast it is click here.

All our sites by default are...
hassle free

We optimise our servers speficially for Magento sites, we know what runs best and what doesn't and can apply this experience to making sure your site runs at its best.

We have years of experience with Magento development which means we know how to make sure yoursite is performing as fast as possible, combine this with our extensive hosting experience and we really are the best Magento hosting choice.

Security is key with everything we do, we understand how important it is for your business too. We monitor all aspects of our infrastrucutre, as well as helping make sure your site is secure too.

We'll take the hassle out of hosting, you concentrate on your business and we'll make sure your website is always online. If you do need us, we'll always be here for you, 24/7 365..

exceptional 24/7/365 support

We always put the customer first at Ecomus. Our highly trained support staff are ready to assist you 24/7/365. Whether you have a simple question about our products or services, or you are running into trouble with a Magento or Worpress install or a data migration; we're here to help!
You relax we'll take care of the server.

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professional hosting

We utilise the best tools in the market to provide a professional managed hosting service that your business deserves. All our infrastructure is cloud based which gives you great flexibility, we can scale up and down your servers depending on your traffic, and also host your website in multiple regions if you have a business critical application so if one datacentre were to have an issue, your website will still function from the second datacentre. This means that we can ensure your website is always online and performing at its best. We'll look after everything, from the operating system, making sure it's always up to date, and has the latest security patches, all the way to the services that are running on the website.

automated backups
99.99 per cent
solid security
automated backups
99.99% up-time
solid security
We'll take regular backups of you servers, so should an unexpected disaster ever strike, we can easily restore your website.
We strive to make sure we're always online. we have the tools in place to make sure this is the case, and you can rest assured that your website is always online.
We take security seriously and so all our servers are locked down, and have their security checked regularly. We can also help with areas such as PCI DSS compliance too if its what your site needs.
automated backups
24/7/365 support
scale up or down
24/7 monitoring
24/7/365 support
scale up or down
We have tools in place that monitor every server and service we run, this means that we can often detect a fault before it affects your website. We also have a team on hand 24/7 to respond to any server faults that may arise.
We're proud of the level of support we provide, you'll never get an automated response from us, even if you emailed us at 3AM on Christmas Day! We don't want to just be a service provider, we want you to see us as an addition to your existing team.
We can scale your website up or down in a matter of minutes. So if you make an appearance on Dragons Den we can spin up additional servers to handle the traffic, making sure your website is always online and then once the traffic returns to normal, we'll spin the servers down.

what makes us different?

Magento logo

Magento hosting by true Magento specialists

At our core is a dedicated Magento web development company that has been building Magento Ecommerce sites for 7 years.

We started Ecomus Hosting because we were not happy with the hosting service provided by even so called ‘specialist’ Magento hosting companies. We found their true understanding of Magento to be severely lacking and would end up telling them what they needed to fix on their own servers to remedy an issue.

Not only do we offer state of the art servers and technology, finely tuned for Magento but we also offer the knowledge and expertise of a dedicated Magento development company to ensure your Magento site is in the best home possible.

Click here to go to our Ecomus development site.

easy migration from your

existing hosting

Our expert hosting team will look after every aspect of the set up and transfer of your website leaving you to concentrate on whats important, running your business.

We'll transfer over your site
We'll keep it running 24/7/365
Your total piece of mind

It doesn't matter where your site is currently hosted we will take care of all the transferring of your site over to us.

We will ensure your website is always on-line, some of the tasks we will do are: OS and application updates, performance and security monitoring, automated backups, and much more.

You now don't have to worry about your hosting and can get on with managing your business.

what our customers are saying

We decided to move to Ecomus as our existing hosting company was just not providing the service we needed and we found it extremely difficult to contact them. Ecomus is UK based and offer a unique hosting service which allows for our varying traffic demands. The staff couldn't be more helpful and experienced and since moving to them we have enjoyed far superior speeds and reliability. Would recommend them wholeheartedly.
Jason Gray
I knew nothing about shopping online and Ecomus built me my first ecommerce site and continue to support and host my site. They have led the way and built me a site I am very proud of. I cannot recommend these Guys strongly enough, First Class!!
Declan Reed
It is simply a pleasure to recommend Ecomus to everyone. Our site is faster than its ever been and has obviously been set up correctly as we have had no issues whatsoever, on top of this the staff make it a pleasure to contact. Don’t know why I stayed with my existing provider for so long!
David House

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